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Welcome to Life after Pristiq...using essential oils...Part 2

So...I left you hanging in the cold turkey-ing of Pristiq! (Yes, it's been a couple of months, I'm so sorry!!  Been trying to work things out over here and just been busy)

Yes, I know you aren't supposed to go cold turkey.  Yes, I know there are horrible withdrawal symptoms.  Yes, I know weaning is better.  However...this is what I had to do.  So I did it.  The week I stopped Pristiq, I also started taking Fish Oil at night, Super B Complex twice a day (these are supposed to help minimize brain zaps), extra Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 1,000mg and in week 2, I started taking St. John's Wort per my doctor's advice.  And my 6 friends were praying daily.

This time, the brain zaps were more mild and only lasted around 2 weeks.  The irritability did kick back in but I continued to pray through it.  The emotions started to return, but I actually felt good about that.  I tear up a bit more again, like I used to, but this time, it doesn't feel out of control and it doesn't happen a lot.  It's normal...that's really nice to feel :-)

I had researched several options for essential oils to go along with the supplements I was taking, mainly starting with those which helped boost a positive mood and those that helped with low seratonin levels.  I opted to make my own blend while also using some singles and blends from Young Living as they already come.

Each week, I sort of figured out which oils seemed to be needed and which didn't.  Some blends I ordered because they had things like chamomile, clary sage, ylang ylang and other relaxing and hormone boosting oils in them but were cheaper than the singles. Some I wasn't sure either way so I just played around with them.  Some I don't use now (Into the Future), some I only use for other issues like headaches or sleep (MGrain) and some I inhale more than rub on because that's the fastest way to get the oil particles in (Orange, Lemon, Lavender).

And today, I can truthfully tell you that God, as always, has been faithful in bringing me back.  I know I will not have to get back on Pristiq.  Thanks to Young Living Oils and the friends who introduced me and my doctors, I am winning this battle of the hormones (or lack thereof) naturally. 

What I've used so far has definitely helped, no doubt about it because I am calm, truly calm.  I do not feel anxious, I don't worry or fret about things as I have before in my mind or out loud, sort of like I felt on Pristiq!  My last remaining issue was that I was more irritable than I was before, especially around "that" time every month.  Not anxiety, not stress necessarily, just cranky-lady syndrome, as my 15 year old likes to call it.  Quick temper, but mainly with my family, much like I would feel when I was off of the Depo shot before I started Pristiq.  I also didn't feel extreme joy, but I truly felt deep down this has all been related to hormone imbalance and going back to low seratonin levels now that the Pristiq is out of my system.

I think the symptoms I continued to feel were related to that as well as what getting my tubes tied did to my body chemistry.  Everything I have recently read and several female friends I've talked to have said this is exactly how they have been feeling and acting due to being low on estrogen and being off balance hormonally.  So...because of this, I finally had my bloodwork done and waddya know?  Pre-menopausal and low on estrogen as well as very low on B12.  

I am now a month into B12 shots and two months into what I currently call my miracle oil.  Amazing the changes.  The doctor wanted me to try a low dose hormone but I really, really didn't want to venture there with the history of cancer in my family.   I felt God leading me to order SCLARESSENCE oil. two months ago. It's mainly clary sage and fennel, two oils that are known mood boosters and also wonderful for boosting estrogen levels and seratonin.  It has been a miracle in my body.  I take 2 gelcaps a day (each with just 2 drops of SclarEssence) (3 drops during "that time" of the month).  I also put two drops on my wrists and during "that time", I rub a couple of drops across my slower stomach.  My joy has been returning!  I was noticeably less irritable this time around, it's awesome. I ran out for 6 days while waiting on my last order and man after two days, I was dragging and a bit more cranky.  It truly works with my body.  And naturally, praise God!

Along with SclarEssence, I also upped my use of Progessence Plus a month ago to a full swipe down my spine twice a day as well as the forearms.  This progesterone blend has been a tremendous help in reducing my headaches, which I have learned seemed to be more hormone driven.  I rarely have them anymore and I used to get nauseated with the knots and headaches the day or two before my "time". The St. John's Wort helps a lot and I have learned while I was taking 2 a day, I should take 3 because since my B is so low, the St. John's Wort, which needs B to get in the system well, wasn't giving me the full effect.

The best thing about these last few months is I have discovered I'm not the only mom out there with these issues.  There were days when I felt like the worst mom and wife in the world because I could get so mean and irritable and I seemed to no control over it.  But then I heard from a few friends who say the same thing, exactly.  And we are all very close in age and have young ones running around (yes, I do believe three year olds have a part in this, lol!).  I know there are moms who can handle 5 plus kids under the age of 10 and not have a mad moment...but I'm not one of them. This in turn makes me feel awful, but God still works through me, thankfully!!  My hormones and body chemistry obviously need a little help, it doesn't come naturally to me.  I am having to accept that about myself, and I'm still praying that "help" can continue to come in natural forms.  

Prayer is still my biggest weapon.  The mornings I wake up and ask God to guide my day, my mood, my hormones...those days are so much smoother.  The mornings I wake up a little too late for a nice, quiet chat with Jesus, they don't tend to always run as smoothly.  Don't get me wrong, I am praying on and off all day, but there is something about that morning prayer that just settles things in my heart and my body.  

I definitely encourage you to try these on the picture(s) to get to the website.  These are the main oils I use daily, specifically for my peri-menopausal symptoms.  They have been lifesavers along with St. John's Wort and prayer. you would like to order one or more of the oils, sign up as either a retail customer or a wholesale customer (ask me for more info) and use my Sponsor ID #1533838  You can get them shipped directly to you and I can help you with directions, ideas, tips, etc...

My new best friend in oils...SclarEssence is a mix of clary sage, fennel, sage lavender and peppermint.  It was created for female hormonal support, glandular support and relaxation.


 RutaVaLa is actually one of the first oils they recommend for helping overcome depression and anxiety.  I have to be up front with you...T will tell you it smells like throw up to him, apparently that's the valerian oil in it.  So we use it mainly on feet.  I use it every morning on my big toes and on J's.  It's also a great one to help improve sleep.

Ah..Lavender...Wonderful for relaxation, but also is one of the best first aid items you can have...the go to for cuts, scrapes, burns, itches...

Another great oil to just have on hand but I use daily on my chest and just to inhale.  Lemon is great in water for digestion, weight loss, dlimone (a powerful antioxidant), etc... 

Frankincense is just a no-brainer for me now (although T calls it Frankenfurter...because he can)  It's not only being studied as a cancer cell fighter, but it's wonderful for your skin (I use it in my coconut oil facial cleanser/moisturizer), it has been shown to help with hair growth, fights bacteria, you name it.  This is a pricier oil, so inhaling is a great way to go but J and I both use a few drops everyday on our necks.  It relaxes.

The 15 year old and I have also started adding a "shot" of Ningxia Red every morning for alertness and energy.  We love it.  The 3 year old gets his through an orange juice popsicle mixed with a little Red :-)
Of course, after reading this novel of a post and part 1...please know that we don't all react the same to life changes, medicines and even essential oils and natural products.  These are my personal results.  You can find many testimonials online and I encourage you to research like I did to find what will work for you!
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  1. This was extremely helpful. On pristiq right now and have been for years. I am a breast cancer survivor and have had a hysterectomy so I'm very interested in the above oils! Thanks for the info. and the testimony.