Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Melva Mae Infinity Scarves

 As you know, I am passionate about the 3Day for the Cure. I have been walking and crewing in this event in the Dallas area since 2008.  My initial inspiration for joining this cause were my Aunt Jo and my maternal grandmother.  Melva Jo and Dora Mae were there names and they are still on the back of our Team Priceless shirts every year.  As the years continue, more family and friends end up on our shirts...5 of my high school classmates have battled cancer in the last 4 years.  FIVE.  4 of them fought breast cancer.  So you can see why this continues to be my passion and my mission field.

I started making scarves last year as a fundraiser for our 3Day Team, knitting them for the main part.  But then spring started arriving (well, here in Texas it keeps TRYING to arrive) and I realized I needed to switch scarf gears.  

Enter...the Melva Mae Infinity Scarf.  This is an ultra lightweight, organza/knit infinity scarf.  But instead of simply being sewn together in a loop, these are fastened into the loop with vintage buttons ranging from the 1960's to the 1990's.  And...they are all from the stashes of my mom, my grandmother and my aunt.  
Please visit my Etsy Store and place your orders!  These are a mere $12 each, all profit going to our 3Day fundraising for Team Priceless :-)  Colors currently available: black, turquoise (shown), hot pink, purple, white and a dyed lime green/turq/blue.  

And please absolutely Pin away on these scarf pictures and the post!  The more exposure we get, the more funds we raise in the fight against breast cancer!


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