Sunday, April 28, 2013

May Clean-Up Habit (#6)

Alright...amazingly, it's already closing on the end of month 4 of 2013...month FOUR!  Time passes so fast :-(

And that means we are on our 6th Clean-Up Habit...we've learned to make our beds in the morning, we've started dusting two things a day, we are one month in on working on windows two times a week (so that one is slow going for me), we are slowly getting that laundry pile down and we are keeping at least one pile-up area picked what is in store for May?

Ok, this month, let's have a little fun. isn't fun for you?  ME EITHER.

However...I just recently cleaned up my whole laundry room, you remember the one...where I now use that awesome yet cheap detergent?  While I didn't paint the walls (we live in a log home so 2 walls are log, 2 are rough pine but not worth the paint), I got rid of cleaning supplies we don't use, organized the ones we do use, re-hung brooms and mops and cleaned off my dryer top completely...I even hung a curtain and a pretty framed art!  When you get to buy and re-purpose organization tools and pretty pictures, it not only improves your living space, it improves your attitude.  I now LOVE walking into my laundry room.  Seriously.  I told my hubby I wanted to sleep in there since it was now the only cleanly organized room in the house :-)
From junky walls and dryer to completely uncluttered!  My husband was amazed.

We have also been rearranging our bedrooms due to finally getting carpet upstairs and having an official 3rd bedroom...FINALLY!!!  And although we don't have the closet finished upstairs so things are still kind of misplaced, I am loving everyone having their own space.  So I'm all into organizing and trying to simplify our lives around the house right now.
The shelves came with the house which are nice for storage and now I can find things and get them down much easier.

As you have probably already surmised, our Clean Up Habit for April/May is to focus on either one or two rooms in your home (not at the same time!) OR several small spaces in your home that really need some organizing.  Granted, a lot of these types of things aren't always noticed right away, but you will feel the difference.  Whether it's cleaning out and re-organizing your kitchen cabinets, the laundry room, your pantry, under the bathroom sinks (if you have more than one), etc... get to it.  The dollar stores can help you do this cheaply, as can Target or Wally World.
Behind the door, the bar for tools was here when we moved in, suffice it to say, only a few rubber prongs actually held my brooms and such because of it's age.  So, I finally took that mess down and simply hung large hooks.  To the right, out of the picture is a space between our pantry cabinets and the wall where our breaker box is.  I used to keep a hamper there but now I have a smaller hamper for our plastic recycling.  No more dirty clothes piling up the in laundry room. I only take in there what is about to be washed. 

Get creative!  Search around your home for baskets, containers, things that can hold and organize other "things".  For example...after cleaning out under our main bathroom sink, I found a small toy/soap holding wire basket we had used for awhile...several years ago.  It's now hanging on my laundry room wall by the door holding our foil, wax paper, ziploc bag boxes for easy access.  You would think it was made for that! 
This is what I walk into everyday now, it's like a mini heaven :-)  And surprisingly, I have maintained it for almost 2 months now!  The basket on the window sill I found at Ross for $4.00 and it holds our batteries.  I also now have a basket much like that one but a bit larger (also from Ross for $5.00) on the dryer to hold kitchen rags.  I used to just throw them into the laundry room next to the hamper.  Now they are hidden but easy access for washing.

Feel free to share any photos of your organizing :-)  Now get to work! 

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  1. Great job friend! I know that I need to focus on one area at a time. My house is still so upside down that when I think of all that needs to be done I am simply overwhelmed and quit before I even start. It is nice to see a transformation from someone I actually know!