Sunday, March 24, 2013

Portuguese Easter Bread - Bread Machine

Portugese Easter Bread...can I just say...Y-U-M??!!

This is one of my husband's very favorite bread machine breads, but because it is a bit more rich than others we don't have it often.  However, my son learned how to cut up a whole chicken in his co-op class last Friday (something even I don't like doing).  To go along with the White Barbeque sauce I put on his chicken for later grilling (Kraft recipe...if you don't get their magazine, it is soooo worth the cheap price!), what better than this amazing bread??

Easter Bread
Directions for Large loaf (2lb)(adapted from The Bread Machine Cookbook)
1 c milk
2 eggs (beat lightly in small bowl before pouring in)
2 Tbs real butter (cut up and spread over milk/eggs)
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
3 c bread flour
2 tsp bread machine or rapid rise yeast

My experience with this bread has proven that you cannot use the rapid cycle.  It needs the full time to rise given in a regular cycle.  My photos depict a Small loaf on rapid cycle.  Still a great bread and fully cooked just short :-)  If you have a "Sweet Bread" cycle, use that.  I do not, so I use the "Basic" cycle.

You don't need honey with this bread at all, but real butter makes it even more delicious ;-)  It would be a fantastic addition to your Easter holiday ham this weekend!

And here is the grilled chicken my 14 year old cut up!  I am so proud of him ;-)  The recipe for the chicken (which was loved by everyone in the house) is linked above.  And ladies, let me tell you...if you are a bit leary of the grill...don't be!  It's not nearly as scary as I once thought it was.  I love the accomplishment I feel when I pull the meat or veggies/fruit off of the grill :-)

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