Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Something old into something new

I broke out my sewing machine last weekend.  Ok, it's been downstairs for a year from the two times I quilted.  So I dusted it off to work on a project that has been in my head since last summer.  

While helping my parents clean out their storage building last summer, mom and I went through a few boxes of things that had belonged to my Aunt Jo, my mom's only sister.  Jo was the ultimate aunt, she was loving, adoring, willing but at the same time she would discipline us when needed.  She was beautiful and lived the life of a city girl in Dallas.  She sometimes gave us some odd clothing-related gifts (odd meaning...too fashionable for us small town kids!).  Oh, how I loved her.  Jo died in her early 50's from cancer when I was in college, cancer she kept from us until it was really too late to hope for many more years with her.  She never married, not for lack of offers from what my mom thinks. She was one of the strongest women I've ever known and loved by all of my relatives.  

So...while digging through the boxes, I found about 20 bandanas from her company.  They would give them out each year for picnics and such and she had saved some of them.  A pinterest project popped into my head that moment...the bandana picnic blanket.  

Here is my version...my sewing skills are somewhat limited...and these bandanas were not easy to work with so it's not pretty but it will be so much fun to keep in the car for park days :-)  

However, since it did not come out as professionally as it appeared in my head...I tried to find something else to do with the last few bandanas.  I want to be able to share these with a couple of my cousins who knew and loved Jo.  I got to thinking about a travel jewelry holder...something I've been in need of for awhile.  I've been wanting something light, easy to pack and NOT a box.  After some searching on pinterest, I found this...

As usual, I had to make it my own and of course, using the bandanas made it even more personal.  
(Jo worked for first Insurance Agency in Dallas).
This was my first one...I love brown and red plus it has a few mistakes, so it will be mine!!  I love it!!
I'm on my 4th one now and I feel like a pro.  These are SO cute, light and I will have a reminder of Jo on every trip I take :-) 

I followed the tutorial found at this website, but instead of using the clear vinyl, I used fabric for small pockets...1 because I had it, 2 because I like the color.
Any spray adhesive will work, I happened to have this one left over from my paper-scrapping days.  Worked great.

After adhering the front, back and batting together, I pinned the "pockets" where they belonged and marked where the lines would be sewn. 

This photo shows what the piece looks like after all pockets are sewn, ribbon/trim is sewn and binding is added.  I have found I prefer the wider ribbons but I was using what I had at home already and the dotted ribbon is really cute ;-)

Front view after binding sewn on to project.

Before sewing the binding on the inside, I sewed the ribbon pieces on so they would be hidden under the binding.  Next step is velcro on the ribbon pieces and you're almost done! (check back up to the brown and red one to see what the ribbon looks like velcro-ed up!)

After sewing on the closing ribbon, you're done!  I can't wait to use mine...this one is going to my orange-loving mom :-)

So...what have you been crafting this January?  I'm thinking I might be making a few more of these out of regular fabric for Christmas gifts...how useful is this project??!!!!!!

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  1. I love how you used her bananas to make things that will help you remember. The quilt is lovely and I really love the jewelry wraps. The orange on in particular!!