Monday, January 7, 2013

January's Clean-Up Habit (#3)

Happy New Year Purple Frog friends!

 With a new year always comes new resolutions and occasionally renewed energy to get some things done in our homes.  How is your October habit of Making your Bed daily going? Are you still making it 5 out of 7 days? Is it finally becoming a quick habit for you each morning?  I remember the first time I realized..."I really enjoy getting into a made bed each night, rolling down the sheets, taking off the extra pillows and piling them up".  I was completely shocked because, we are talking about me...the no-wanna-clean-house girl.  ever. Miracles never cease.

How about your November/December habit of Dusting just two things a day?

Well, I will be honest...mine is not moving along as swimmingly as I'd hoped, but I am getting some dusting done each week.  Not much yet, but some, which is better than nothing.  See?  Even the one posing the challenges struggles with them, which is why there in no judging here!  It will become a habit, I feel it.

Are you ready for January's Clean-Up Habit #3??
No?  It's not hard, really. You can do it.  And I'm hopeful I can do ;-)  Pick ONE spot in your home where things just seem to gather, collect, and pile.  For me, it's my dining room table.  Our home has a very open floor plan so the dining room table is smack dab in the middle of all walking space.  From the front door to the back or kitchen, from my bedroom to the kids, so gets placed there while I'm in transit.  Everything.  Seriously.  On an average day you will find markers hidden from the toddler, a gift card from my son's birthday (from Dec. 1st), a scarf I have yet to mail to a friend, a pen, two pencils, a pile of mail from November, scholastic books from orders I have yet to deliver or the order forms, an exercise top (don't ask) get the idea.  It's a never-ending collector of all but actual family meals.

So, Clean-Up Habit #3...each night, before heading off to bed, clean off that spot.  Don't pick a different spot each night, just focus on one place for now.  Just one.  Hear me?  Don't get overwhelmed!!!  Pick up each thing and put it in it's place...whether it's a bedroom or a trashcan.  Even if there are only 3 things on there, if they aren't table-meal related...if it's your dining room table like mine...(napkins, napkin rings, placemats, centerpiece) then MOVE them.  If it's an end table in the living room, every night.  Even the nightstand by your bed (I might add that one in after this becomes a habit in's always a pile-up place!!)...pick it up everynight.  Continue doing so each night for a month.  Flylady calls these "hot spots".  I just call them "pile-ups".  Not as catchy but truly catches the essence of the problem.

Alright...keep making those beds daily (or at least 5 days a week), continue to master that dusting habit and start clearing those pile-ups!!

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  1. I've got the making the bed thing down! Yay, me! The dusting...hmmm, not so much. Definitely not dusting two things EVERY day, but trying to increase this habit!

    Okay...the hotspots. Yes, I have a few of those. Which one to start with? Last night, my kitchen table (smack dab in the middle of the room) had a Bible, dirty cloth napkins, leftover tissue paper, glue, ziploc bag full of notecards, borrowed baking pan from my parents, chip clip, etc. This morning has added school books, variety of pencils a colored pens, and more. Yep! Maybe I should start there!

    Thanks for your posts!