Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 9...Almost done with 2 weeks!'s a gorgeous day outside, NO RAIN!!!!  And it's a little warmer (although I'm much different than my friend at GFG, I LOVE cold weather) but not too warm (I don't like to sweat...unless it's on purpose).  

T is home today and tomorrow since he thought his trip would take all week, that's a bonus for us :-)  He left around 8:30am to take his aoudad head in to the taxidermist.  This is an aoudad...

of which there is one less in West TX now.  This is not T's, but I will post pics of his hunt this weekend.  He also shot a coyote and is getting the hide done for that.  

but let's backtrack just a bit...
7:45am I finally rolled myself out of bed to have coffee and read my new Choosing Joy devotion.  These are very short so I also take some time to read a few chapters in this book, which I am loving even though it is challenging my stubborn spirit to the core.  She talks/writes like me, she gets I get her?
My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife
 8:45am - SP wakes up so we gather forces and wake J up...which takes a bit of jumping, crawling and loving by SP ;-)

9:30am - We get some pancakes going and J helped by trying out this new amazing tool Grandad gave us...the EZCracker.

Sometimes, "as seen on TV" products are completely worth buying!  For people with disabilities or weak hands, (or who just stink at cracking eggs), this tool is awesome.  J loved it!
10:15am - SP was done eating and down playing so J and I caught up on our bible reading.  T came back home and had some pancakes while we finished, then J hit his math book.  I gave him the choice of taking the Lesson 19 test or going one more day with a worksheet and he actually opted for another worksheet first.  I was proud of him, he really wants to master some of this.  SP, T and I sat down to watch Brave since T hadn't watched it yet.  
10:55am - J headed to his room to listen to his history CD, read his second history book and for spelling today he had to go over the past 11 lessons "jingles" and preview words.  (The Phonetic zoo comes with little cards that the student "collects" as he finishes a lesson, they are fantastic for review days.  We keep them in a folder inside baseball card trading plastic pages). This was a spelling review day since he mastered list 11 yesterday.  
12:00pm - T took SP outside to help him clean his truck and to swing and I worked on dishes.  I wish I had taken a picture...he was so adorable in his pj's, jacket and tennis shoes.  His smile is back after 2 days of the blahs!
12:40pm - J headed outside with the boys to do his PE (wheelchair time).  Today he had to keep a book in his lap through all rotations.  He planned on reading once he was done but because T is home and they have some time, around 1:15pm they headed into town for lunch and some gift card shopping together :-)  

1:40pm - SP went down for his nap after asking for "B" and "wite" (turn off the light)

2:20pm - I got on the treadmill for some jogging/walking.  I've been trying to do some cardio every other day since Christmas and yoga/stretching in between.  So far I've only missed a couple of days and it does make me feel better inside and out.  I am not losing weight (of course) but I feel better.  Especially the yoga, I'm working on trying to loosen my right shoulder/arm.  In between exercising and showering, laundry continues on...(here are T's piles from his trip...notice how he creates his own the living room...)

5:15pm - I realize I haven't started supper yet and J and I need to leave in 30 min for the 4H Food Challenge workshop.  Taco Soup was on the menu tonight (bonus recipe at the end of the post as a THANKS for following these 10 days!) so it was together and cooking right as we were ready to head out the door.  I left T in charge of adding the cheese and in charge of SP :-)

6:00pm - Food Challenge Workshop.  Last year, J was asked to step in last minute as a replacement for the Food Challenge district contest and while it wasn't his favorite thing to do (he loves doing the fall Food and Nutrition group and entering his own recipe into a contest but the group thing has a lot of down time and it gets a bit boring), he agreed to give it a full try this time around.  Ok, well, he is still not excited about it but it's one of those things I know he will be good in (he has a great 14 year old speaking voice) and it's always good to work in teams with a single goal.  In Food Challenge, the kids gather in teams of 3 to 5 participants (same age group is best but they can be mixed).  They have a box full of cooking/prepping items and are given ingredients and a clue as to what the end result recipe should be.  It's always fun to see what each team comes up with.  (Last year at district, the end result was a gazpacho...none of our teams figured that one out, pretty sure I wouldn't have either!).  Last night's was French Toast.  They were given bread, eggs, milk, powdered sugar and oranges.  One team made the french toast with a lot of powdered sugar and sliced the oranges as a side.  Another team made the french toast and then juiced the oranges in a cup for drinking.  J's group made their french toast with orange juice in the batter as well as orange zest.  Yes, he is with 4 friends who all happen to be girls (because his two male counterparts had to step out of the challenge this year) and they all know how to cook.  However, three of them know him pretty well so they will make him work ;-)  
J had to stir the batter before eggs were added, I promise he did some of the work, lol!

8:05pm - J and I ran to Target to pick up a few groceries and in hopes of finding warmups and another pair of pajama pants for J but the groceries were all we ended up buying.  I am too budget-conscious right now (ok, cheap, whatever) to pay $19.99 for warm-ups when I can get the same quality at another superstore for $12 so we move on.  And while we see a nice warm pair of pj's on sale from Christmas for $4.50, they had beer bottles on them so again, we moved on.  

8:50pm - SP threw up again all over the wood floor (ironic...same exact spot he did two days ago) so while T took him for a bath, I cleaned the floor and grabbed clean pj's.  J, surprisingly, wasn't deterred from eating his soup and reading a magazine while this was all going on, apparently we are a bit too used to throw up ;-)
9:20pm - SP was in bed, J was reveling in the fact that Friday is no school day (Free Day!) and I continued laundry.  oh laundry.  Our water bill will be crazy.

'holley's Taco Soup

1 lb ground beef
1 can cream of celery soup
1 can cream of chicken soup (I use a serving of this, much better for you)
1 can cream of mushroom soup (I use a serving a this, much better for you and tasting!)
1 can Rotel
1 can Vegal
1 "can" water (I use the Rotel can)
2 handfuls noodles
8 oz Velveeta

Brown the ground beef and drain (with a little taco seasoning if desired), add to soup pot with all other ingredients EXCEPT Velveeta.  Bring to a boil, then simmer on low until noodles are cooked. Take off heat and stir in Velveeta, serve with tortilla chips!  Best taco soup ever. Photobucket
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