Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 8...A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

And things were improving...

SP had a great night, slept well, no sickness.  But when he woke up he wouldn't eat anything and didn't want anything to drink but milk.  Yes, I succumbed, but didn't give him much.  He wanted to just be held and was very tired.  

10:15am - J started his math while SP and I hung out on the couch.  

11:25am - We took J to horses for the first time since the holidays :-)  Of course, he'd rather have stayed in the warm house but off we went and he tried to remind me that "but we are doing more PE now with my wheelchair"!...nice try.  (It's only 4 miles down the road, rough, huh?) He always loves it when he's done Here is a previous post on our wonderful horse teacher and program.  

He started leading Sugar on his own last fall! 
11:40am - SP and I headed for a very quick trip to the grocery store in the small town just south of our house.  About 1/2 way there, he threw up all over his carseat.  Since I was close to Sonic (and in Texas, really, when are you not close to a Sonic?) and he had fallen asleep just seconds after I cleaned up the bit I could...I drove on for a couple of Sprites since I couldn't get to the store.  

11:55am-2:00pm - While J was at horses, SP and I watched the end of Toy Story 2 and started Brave.  I got a load of laundry going and the dishes done.  

2:00pm - Ms. Joy and Justin graciously brought J home for me so SP didn't have to get back in the car again.  J showed off his room and Vita to Justin and then tried to beg out of school.  tried.  I put SP in bed after he nodded off in my arms on the couch.

2:20pm - 3:45pm J worked on handwriting, spelling and read his 2nd history book while I cleaned the carseat outside.  Lunch of bean and cheese nachos was served. Then I helped J take a shower (we have a shower seat now thankfully, so I don't have to do much anymore.  But I do still have to help him get on the seat and wash his back and start his hair.  He does the rest and calls me when he is done.  He has really been trying to do as much on his own lately as he can, especially in the bathroom.  It's been so helpful!  This is huge perk of homeschooling for us...working on life skills.  Not just learning to cook, although he can now use the microwave more on his own, but to use the restroom independently, shower more independently, learning to put on his socks and braces, etc... When he was in public school he was so tired after getting home, doing homework, etc...we never took the free time we had to work on these things as much because he was just so tired.  And he offers everyday to help with SP, I am so blessed with my teenager (yes, you will have to remind me I said that tomorrow I'm sure, it varies day to day...)
4:10pm - J did Spanish, I folded laundry and cleaned up some clutter in the kitchen (following this easy "8 Weeks to Less Clutter in your Home" list :-)  and so far so good.)  He read a bit in his Samurai's Tale book and we read science together.  

6:05pm - SP woke up and J had been begging for me to drop him off at youth group tonight since I couldn't go with my sick one so we all put shoes and socks on, I re-dressed the carseat (had to wash all of that off) and got him there just 15 minutes late.  Thankfully, they started a bit late this evening so he only missed a little music.  SP and I strolled the grocery store for a few minutes to grab some crackers and sprite and ran into a friend who used to live behind us who has two adopted sons.  She told me they are moving back!  I'm very happy about that!!  Not that any of us do much out here together, but it's nice to be next to people you know and enjoy.  I also got to spend a little face time with a close friend of mine while we were waiting for our boys to get out of youth :-)  That was an unexpected gift.

8:06pm - We head home from church, picking up a pizza on the way.  I made chocolate chip cookies for J and T as a welcome home for T.  SP definitely feels better, he is not nearly as tired and is running around (well, not his usually bouncy run because he is low on energy but still a good effort) happy as can be and touching things he shouldn't.  I see that my last two days of sitting on the couch cuddling with my baby boy are alas...over :-(  Plus T is home so I'm chopped liver anyway.  But I have J :-)  He's my boy now that he's older.  As T says...he is just a playtoy, I'll get SP back when he's older!

10:20pm - J and I have a late night reading of Bronze Bow and thankfully it was a short chapter, then we both hit our beds and T puts SP to bed as well.   

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