Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 7...A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

Ok, we are supposed to be sharing the good and bad of our days in these 10 posts...and I finally have some truly bad to share.  See, as a homeschooling mom, we don't get teacher workdays kid-free, all of our students are continually exposed to illness if one has a virus because there is really no getting around it, and on the parent side, you don't get a break from one kid when another is sick...especially when the hubby is out of town. No, I'm not complaining because homeschooling is a choice I would make over and over again, I'm just saying...it's sometimes hard and um...smelly...

In yesterday's post I mentioned that SP began throwing up around 8:45pm...and continued throwing up through the night.  So as Day 7 started, here was the scheme of things...

12:30am - SP and I finally head to bed, we were on the couch most of the evening for quick access to the bathroom which we needed approx. every 30 minutes.

2:10am - SP threw up again in my bed (he had also thrown up 3 times before this but they were small and easily caught in a towel, whew!).  He actually has only slept in the bed with me or T just a few times because this boy loves his crib and is completely happy on his own.  However, he did not want to sleep by himself last night and quite frankly, because he was gagging so much I was nervous to not be right next to him.  Laundry load #3 by now.

4:05am - SP wanted in his bed.  10 minutes later, I hear the sound again.  However, this time, the sound is coming from his other end.  yep.  And it went all. the. way. up his back.  So, after stripping his bed, my bed (that's where I change his diapers) and Sol-U-Guarding all I could, I took him for a quick shower and threw in load number 4 of towels and sheets to clean (along with his stuffed animals from his crib).  Thankfully Scout escaped the worst and I was able to hand-wipe him down and Sol-u-guard. 

This pretty much sums up Day 7...image appears smaller in photo... TRUST ME
4:45am - 8:00am - SP was back in bed with me, sleeping on and off, he wanted juice so badly and would get mad at me for giving him small drinks but he kept trying to throw up larger drinks.

8:10am - We head out to the front room for some Toy Story and I let J sleep in some.  As SP sits with me I doze off a few times, thankful he is too tired to cause any of his normal "antics" ;-)

9:45am - So far, so good...all liquid is staying down but he will have nothing to do with the banana or crackers.  He is so pale and his eyes are so tired :-(  J has a late breakfast of donuts from yesterday morning then listens to his history CD.

10:30am - SP power pukes a good amount of the liquid I thought had stayed down.  I rinse us both off, put him in J's room behind the "keep Jonah out" baby gate and clean the floors.  again.
J has been a HUGE help to me lately with SP and come on...how sweet is this???!!!
10:50am - J works on 2nd history book, spelling and math. 

11:35am - I get the bright idea to blend a banana with ice chips and water, call it ice cream and SP decides it's good.  He eats a few bits, has some juice and goes to get his blankets out of his crib.  I know he's exhausted.

11:55am - I pull out Ratouille (because we've been through Toy Story and Cars today), we sit in the Lazy Boy together, J comes out to sit with us and asks me a few math questions. 

12:50pm - SP starts nodding off in my lap.  He rarely sits still and while I definitely hate seeing him sick, I hold him as long as he will allow me today.

1:11pm - I put SP down for a nap and J and I go over our world map and a few US states as a review. He is thrilled to be done.  You know I sometimes say we have "light" days but in reality...everyday can appear "light" to outsiders because when you homeschool you are able to spend less time on a subject (yet still get it all done plus some occasionally) due to your smaller "class" size.  You can also throw school in wherever you are (the car) and whenever you can so 3 subjects can get completed and completed well in 1.5 hours around here sometimes.  Now, as you have read in previous posts...sometimes just math can take us that long but there are days that go faster :-)

Between 2pm and 5pm, I am able to get some exercise in, do another load of sheets/towels, feed J and myself lunch, shower (oh, blessed shower!) and enjoy some computer time while J enjoys some video game time.  He read in his Samurai's Tale book also. 

Rest of the evening was puke-free and only one other load of laundry had to be done.  SP is sleeping peacefully again and hopefully he can have milk tomorrow, that's his life's blood ;-)  J is getting ready for bed so I can read to him.  I am re-watching a Downton Abbey episode to refresh myself with Season 3 :-)
Ok...am I the only mom who is having to hold back small tears reading this?  It's not sad yet (I say yet, because MOST Sonlight readers are sad but good)...it's just the the author has made the time with Jesus's preaching so very visual, it just comes to life and I wish I had been there, amazing.
So are you bored by now?  lol!  This was not quite the riveting day I was expecting, either.  However, as you are probably noticing, homeschool days are always just a bit different, you just never know what will happen (just as with any family and illness)...the problem is you can't get away from it, ha!  But I choose to do this because I love being the one who watches my boys grow, mature and learn.  It's an AWESOME experience, truly awesome.  Even the puking reminds me (as my friend Christy wrote today to me) that I have an adorable new blessing in my life...a puking blessing, but an adorable one.  And as my friend Mindy wrote on her Day 6, because we homeschool, we can include exactly what he would be learning in public school but with our biblical worldview included in each subject.  As Christians, and with a 14 year old who wants to study the bible, that was a big part of our decision to homeschool.  It has helped clear up my own personal worldview, too.

Oh...T will be home TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!  YES!!!!
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