Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 6...A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

Ahhh...Day 6 out of 10 with GFG's Day in the Life postings and it's week 2 of our Spring Semester. Time to add back in a little more to get our full schedule up and running.  Well, truth be told, I didn't really pare down the first week as much as I told J I would but it makes him feel better to think he is doing less work ;-)

7:30am I finally drag myself out of out bed.  Hard night sleeping...T was out of town and I finished Ugly Betty so I was bummed (well, I loved the series so I was bummed it was over!).  I love Netflix, I don't really have time to watch any normal TV shows anymore unless I DVR them and DVRing several shows drives my hubby and oldest son crazy so Netflix is my friend.

9:00am I get J out of bed and SP out of his crib.  SP has been awake for 15 minutes but I have been listening to an interesting food/weight loss video online and wanted just a few more minutes to myself :-)  Decided not to go to MOPS this morning because of yucky weather and busy afternoon.

9:30am I decide we ARE going to MOPS ;-)  I do enjoy the other moms and friends.  I'm a bit spoiled in the fact that it's held at my church also so J (who is obviously not a pre-schooler!) can stow away in an empty room to do his schoolwork while I get some mom time and SP plays with friends.  He helped out in the nursery the first time we went in the fall and by the second time he sweetly asked "Mom, can I just sit in the office with Ms. Deloris and do my schoolwork?  Those kids wore me out".  lol!  I finally found the one thing that makes him WANT to do schoolwork.  

10:00am After packing J's school stuff and SP's diaper bag and of course picking up the cereal and goldfish that SP poured on the floor (what IS IT with that?  Every time you give him snack food it goes on the floor and then back into the cup and then on the floor again before the mouth???)...oh and after snatching SP's toothbrush out of his hand...not as easy as you would think...we head out the door.

10:20am we are late to MOPS but what's new?  When you don't decide until half an hour beforehand, this happens :-)  I get J situated in the room he usually uses with his history, spelling and reading (We listened to our Story of the World CD in the car) and I take SP to the nursery to play.  The speaker at MOPS was a friend of ours (and a member of our church) who spoke to us on financial planning...something I am desperately trying to learn so we can actually have money after a paycheck goes to bills.  This is why God prompted me to get up and go to MOPS I see now, it was just what I needed.

12:00pm we leave MOPS and head home to finish school.  J tells me he didn't get spelling done because we had the wrong CD.  oops!  He then asks his DAILY question "what else do we have and please make it easy!".   Every. Day.  Anyhoo...J stays outside in the 39degree weather (finally!  a decently cold day and the rain is gone for a few hours!) to do his PE/Wheelchair work...6 times up and around the ramp, 6 times down.  He listens to his iTouch today while doing it and I'm pretty sure he lost count a few times but it was in my favor because he did more than was required ;-) SP and I get a fire going in the fireplace.

12:30pm J heads to do math (no frustrations today!really!!!), I tell SP to "get down" around 8 times (the boy loves chairs...especially when close to tables...that have pencils on them...and no one seems to be watching).  SP "hides" from me (covering one eye with his hand and hiding his face behind a bag) instead of getting down as asked.  I ask him if he wants a spanking and he proceeds to get down quickly and nicely.  (No, this does not always work...occasionally he does get a small spanking...not that THAT works all the time either).  SP has lunch while we watch a little Cars 2.  

1:30pm SP goes down for his nap.  He likes to turn off the lights now, then gives me sugars and heads happily to sleep.  No, I'm serious!  J finishes math, begins spelling.

2:00pm J and I read over the summaries of the last few chapters of Story of the World Vol 1 from before Christmas and the first few summaries in Vol 2 to get up to date and he glues his pictures and important historic events onto his timeline book (this is one thing my friend Mindy told me to do and stick with's totally worth the money and effort and she was right. This will be a GREAT reference as he ages).  We do this every few weeks, usually.  We look over maps about the areas covered at the same time but tomorrow we will actually work on mapping.
2:30pm We read science together and learn about carbonization (we are learning about fossils).  We have almost an exact replica of a little fish that was fossilized via carbonization into sedimentary rock so we study that.  He has finally found a chapter in this book he enjoys!  Since we are doing General Science this year, it covers many topics (pulleys, history of science, etc...) many of which have been "boring" to J.  Yea, you know...the same kid who sits for hours in his room on a weekend playing video the same chair...boring.  yep.

3:05pm J had a late lunch of pizza rolls (he had breakfast twice...a short one before MOPS and a short one after) and finishes reading what he didn't finish of his Samurai's Tale chapters at church.  I prepared for the 4H Photography meeting which is at my house this month (at 4pm today!).  I'll be showing the kids how to make a scrapbook page with photoshop :-)  Finally something I can help in 4H with that I actually know about!  

4:00pm 4H Photography meeting.  (J used to be in scouts, but once we found 4H and easily realized it was a much better fit for us, we didn't look back).  Our whole 4H group is primarily homeschoolers but we do have some public school kiddos as well.  They all seem to get along well and help each other.  Here is my friend Michelle's 4H blog of our group, it's fun to follow!!

6:10pm we let our sweet dog Bullet in for the first time in months.  No ticks or fleas that I can see and he is grateful.  SP is beside himself with excitement.  He lays down with him and tries to mimic his every move but then gets bored after 10 minutes ;-)
6:45pm Dinner is served...baked potatoes and some deli turkey for SP to go along with it. 

8:30pm SP was ready for bed so off he went.

9:45pm I read a chapter of Bronze Bow with J and go off for some just mom time with the computer (and start catching up on Bunheads!) that's how the night was supposed to go after's how it really went...

8:30pm SP was ready for bed so off he went...

8:45pm I hear puking.  lots of puking.  SP is puking but at least he leaned over his crib. into the carpet.

9:10pm after getting it all cleaned and the blankets are in the washer, he walks up to me and pukes again.

9:15pm we are still up, waiting for another puke fest :-)  Probably not reading to James tonight but we will see...the night is not over yet :-)  However I'm done blogging because I need a shower. Photobucket
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