Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 5...A Day in the Life

Friday!!  It's Friday!!!

Fridays are one of two things for us during the school year...Free days or Co-op Days (which are just as fun).  Our Co-op meets twice a month on Fridays and we have 19 families, over 50 kids.  This Friday was our first Co-op day of the Spring semester.  With this first class day came a few changes for our group.  We used to meet from 9:15am - 1:45pm with lunch in there for 45 minutes.  Due to scheduling issues with the church who is allowing us to use part of their building and ideas from great moms in our group, we started this spring with a new time of 8:30am and ended at 11:45am.  

This accomplishes several things...we don't have to pay the church extra for cleaning they might need to do other than the regular upkeep...moms don't have to make and pack lunches and then attempt to socialize during lunch while feeding all the kiddos...if we have a trip to take for the weekend, we can leave earlier or we can just go home earlier to chill.  

This first Friday went's the breakdown...

7:10am I wake up and start my new Angela Thomas devotion, Choosing Joy because I'm done with my bible study (yes, yes, after 7 months I'm done and it rocked my heart!)  

No coffee first thing this morning, just my new found chocolate-honey-yogurt-coffee mask.

7:25am I start helping J get dressed and ready (interpret this to mean...I pull the covers off he is holding onto with his dear life and force him to roll over so we can start on the socks and pants).  As he begins to come to consciousness he screams "It's a Monster" and then laughs at himself b/c he is just soooooo funny.  (I still have the mask on)

7: 35am J is eating his homemade breakfast of Kellogg's poptarts and vitamins.  I get dressed then finish packing up our stuff to take.

7:45am SP wakes up, I get him dressed and ready.  We all brush our teeth, I make coffee to go and load the car, I load SP then J comes out and gets in the car.  (Have I mentioned I've owned a minivan now for 9 months and I LOVE IT. J gets in and out by himself)

8:15am we head to co-op.  We make it with 1/2 a minute left ;-)  Oh yea.  And I'm blessed with friends who always offer to help us carry stuff in.  Not sure

8:30am co-op begins.  New changes introduced, rooms assigned, I lead a quick devotion (we all take turns at this during the year) and everyone is dispersed.  

8:45am First Classes - SP gets to play in the nursery with his 3 buddies for the next few hours.  J heads to God's World News class and I get to help in the Gamma (3rd/4th grade) class Chess Club/Games class.

9:30am Second Classes - J heads to the Zeta's new Home Ec class.  The 3 boys in the group aren't incredibly excited about this, but when it's over, they have all learned to sew a button and made a fun drawing around it (J drew PacMan and the button of course was one of the white dots).  Such a creative group of moms we have!  I head to the nursery, it's my time to play with SP and his pals :-)

10:15am Third Classes - J and I both head to Where Fore art Thou? The Zeta Shakespeare class I'm teaching.  Again, the 3 boys aren't incredibly excited about this one, but I win them over with "we will also learn a few Shakespearian insults".  Yea, I'm that kind of cool teacher ;-)

11:00am Fourth Classes - J and his Zeta group now get their turn in the Chess Club/Logics Games class and I get this 45 minutes off.  All moms get 1 class time off during the day.  

11:45am we are done!  I really, really like this new schedule.  Several of us head out to get lunch and we meet back up at a local park for an hour or so.  We can actually visit and the kids enjoy playing.  Ok, so J hasn't been a "playground" kind of kid for several years b/c it's just difficult physically but he takes his PS Vita with him and is happy as can be showing it to friends.  

2:00pm we are home, SP is down for a nap, J is relaxing in his room and I spend some time finishing a sequin ball I started the year J was born and watch a couple more Ugly Betty episodes :-)

I LOVE Fridays :-)  We have some incredible families in our co-op.  I used to pray for J to have good guy friends to come up along side of him, friends who would not just want to "help" him like they so many times did in public school (not knocking that, they just didn't have time to really get to know each other) but guys who just want to be around him because of who he is.  He has that now.  He has several incredible guy friends because of our co-op, friends he gets to spend quality time with outside of "school". And I have to add that the 3 girls in the Zeta class have become incredible friends with the guys too, it's an awesome thing to witness. God is so good.  And SP just keeps everyone at co-op giggling...and out of breath catching him ;-)   Photobucket
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