Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 4... A Day in the Life...

Well...we started off pretty late this morning, but I did not feel guilty.  I was tired, and apparently both boys were tired because even SP slept past 9:30!!!!  CRAZY.  So I let them.  Of course while sitting on the couch doing my bible study, drinking some hot chocolate and perusing the net, I heard J slam his alarm clock 4 times at least.  Poor Spongebob, he may not make it past J's 14th year of life.

Last night at church, like I mentioned, was just what I needed.  And it wasn't even the lesson necessarily (no offense Mark!), it was God reminding me that it's not all that bad.  My boys are blessings and I'm one blessed mom to be able to take care of them and be healthy, etc...  A new friend of mine who has had some health issues found out for sure there is a tumor in her brain.  Not sure if it's cancerous or not yet, but it's there.  That humbled me and shut my complaining up fast.  She is raising her own children and a friend's for a total of 6.  I have 2.  What is my problem?  oh

So...with a more humbled and grateful spirit, we begin Day 4.  Bless GOD!

10:15am we have breakfast.  Eggo waffles (J's fave) and SP has Golden Grahams cereal (his choice, he LOVES that gross cereal milk...blech).

10:45am we read 2 more chapters of 1 Kings, then we pray for our day, T and our friends.  Only 5 more chapters till 2 Kings!

11:00am math begins.  Today J had to take his test on Lesson 18.  However, I sat with him through the first two problems, he remained calm and he did fantastically.  No melt-downs, no frustrations.  While he was testing, SP & I read Jingle the Husky Pup.  

If you have not checked this out, it's ADORABLE.  Grandma gave this to SP for Christmas and he giggles everytime Jingle "talks".   Then we worked on our colors for a whole 5 minutes (because SP just doesn't sit that long).  

12:00pm J moves on to History in his room and I am waiting on a friend to arrive with T's sleeping bag he needs for his hunting trip. SP begins Toy Story 2, enjoys a snack (this pillow thing is new...I supposed he has seen momma do it a lot, except I tend to have a plate under my food) and spends some time talking to the dogs through the window.

12:30pm Friend and her grandson arrive and stay to visit until 2:45pm.  Did we miss Science today?  yes, but I am learning that J will still learn what he needs to learn, we will catch up and it's relationships, family and friends that are priority.  truly.  Becky and I enjoy some mom/grandma adult time, the boys play chess.

KIDDING!!  They play video games (although they do have a chess club starting in co-op tomorrow!).

1:30pm I feed SP a grand lunch of turkey, strawberries and cheese.

2:00pm SP is down for is nap. 

2:30 I go into the room to get my exercise clothes and to show my friend my new tennis shoes because they are the same as hers and SP wakes up as I close the door.  way short nap. waaaayyyy short.

2:50pm I make J a late lunch of hot dogs and chips.  

3:00pm I head out to the treadmill to exercise (yes, SP is still awake, in his crib, but he is happy so I feel safe to spend a little time working out).   Most moms I know will agree that this is OK.  J finishes listening to his history CD, reads his second history book, does his spelling and begins 2 more chapters in Samurai's Tale.
Why yes, he is still in his pj's but at least he has a shirt on!  (even if it has those wierd dryer sheet stains on it)
3:40pm I head to the shower, then get SP out of bed.  He is still not fussing, he was enjoying his time in his crib with his buddies.  (He sleeps with 2 blankets and 6 stuffed animals.  I know, I know...too much, but he likes what he likes.  He shoves them all to one end then sleeps on Scout at the other end as a pillow and covers with his 2 blankets.  Cracks me up).

4:00pm I begin making cupcakes for a co-op leadership meeting I have this evening and I finally eat lunch...or early supper.  J finishes his chapters, SP has some "pips" (chips) and milk, then comes and cleans his cheesy hands on my pants.  He then proceeds to P.E.  aka...jumping on my bed.

5:30pm I remember to type up my lesson plans for co-op, which starts tomorrow (I'm teaching a Shakespeare class to the older kids...J's class), my computer has to reset because it's got issues and J offers to keep SP occupied for awhile :-)

6:30pm I finally head to fix my hair (seems that's always the last thing I get to do around here) and get dinner warmed up (leftovers).

7:30pm Co-op leadership meeting.  No reading of the Bronze Bow tonight because as of 11:21pm I'm still up getting ready for co-op in the morning :-)  

Long day!  But much smoother, for the most part.  J said I was still cranky but "not as bad".  That's a start. 
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