Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 2...A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler...

Dare I admit it..being a college football fan I can become a huge follower of the "jinx"...but yes, I will admit it...
For the second morning in a row on our first week back after Christmas, I have been able to have almost an HOUR to myself this morning.  Coffee (with my cute new red Keurig thanks to a Christmas gift from my mom!), bible study (the one I started back in June with my two heart sisters...the one that is just a 6 week study but has taken me 7 months not because it's boring...yea, that one), prayer time, and time to peruse a few blogs which I haven't spent time on since SP came home in April 2011.  So this is how Day 2 starts and so far I'm diggin' it ;-) 

Of course, now that I've jinxed myself, we will see if tomorrow's post holds the same beginnings for momma.  Today's entry will be more of an hour to hour post :-)  Easier to read, yes?

We started off today with breakfast around 9:30am, and amazingly I made something hot! J wanted to check out his new Star Wars cookbook and while we didn't have one ingredient for their version of french toast, it inspired us to make our own and it was yummy.  (And when I say we or our, that means me). 
SP was ready to get down after eating his, J's and 1/2 of my strawberries along with his own food.  We then read a couple more chapters in 1 Kings, prayed, cleaned up and J began his math...it was around 10:30 when this began.  Math was one of those hour long deals today, his mind just wasn't in the game.  Yes, I became a bit frustrated so I kept myself busy grading  his science test, watching Toy Story with SP and folding towels.

11:30, (we were scheduled for horse lessons but it rained yet again), J began his weekly argument with the laptop...I mean, his weekly Spanish lesson ;-)  While this frustrates him, it also makes us (as well as SP sometimes) giggle because...well...it's just funny listening to him argue into the headset and make grunting, irritated noises.  It also lightened my mood for a few minutes, that never hurts.  SP and I finished Toy Story.

11:50, I stepped on one of SP's Leap Frog magnet toys, proceeded to get mad, throw it and perhaps say something I shouldn't have.  And it STILL hurts...and there are red marks...from a stinkin' toy, seriouslyNot following the whole "it's a great day in the neighborhood" schedule I had planned.

12:30, J listened to his history CD (borrowing the book from a wonderful, local homeschooling mom on Wednesday so he can follow along then) and read his second history book.  SP had lunch because he was getting cranky and kept throwing goldfish all over the house which I proceeded to step on. (mind you this is after sweeping the floors).

1:00pm, J learned to cook his own hot dogs, he's been wanting to for a few days.  I realize you are thinking "seriously?  he doesn't know how to do that and he's how old?"  But in a wheelchair and in a kitchen that is not quite accessible, this takes time.  He succeeded in getting out everything, cooking and preparing 2 hotdogs for his lunch in the toaster oven (SO much better tasting than in the microwave)...after spilling wiener juice all over his pants after I had warned him not to turn the package upside down. Ah...life experiences, really that's quite a perk for homeschooling...did I say perk? ;-)  Am I the only mom out there who gets extremely tired of repeating herself or answering questions that have OBVIOUS answers?  I hope not, but it feels that way sometimes.  And it seems to get more annoying as they age into the teen years. Can you tell this was not a good mood day for mom?  Yes, I am feeling bad about it :-(

2:30, J changes out of his hot dog juiced pants and begins spelling. (We are using Phonetic Zoo from Institute for Excellence in Writing)  J has always been an excellent speller, except when he is writing a journal or paragraph, which is our goal, so this program works great for us and it's not time consuming.

3:10, We read science together (Apologia General Science) and considered doing a quick mineral experiment while SP continued to nap (and MAN did he need a nap today, he was cuh-rain-kee!) but J begged out of it and as I was ready for a break as well I conceeded.  J then spent some time reading his current reader, Samurai's Tale and I hit the floor in some much needed mind calming yoga.  It's just been one of those days.  See?  I did jinx it.

When SP woke up, I told J since it was raining outside, his PE for the day could be helping me out with SP and keeping him busy.  I was very cranky by this point in the day and J has learned that the best way to help mom at these points is to take charge of SP.  He is such an amazing help to me!   

After a nice, calm and enjoyable dinner with T, SP picked up his energy charge again, J had some extra video game time, T and I chatted and watched SP and things finally settled around 8:45pm.  I truthfully was ready to put SP to bed around 7:30pm b/c frankly I was just ready to not have to do anything mom-related for the rest of the night.  Selfish, yes.   

J and I read another chapter in our read-aloud, The Bronze Bow, after he climbed into bed (excellent book so far, by the way!), we've both had our melatonin and are heading to sleep :-)  Praying for God's patience, joy and peace in abundance tomorrow. 

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