Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 10...2 weeks done!

Friday Free Day!!!!

Oh, blessed Friday (this will be the one day that could encourage you to homeschool even more because it's a DAY OFF every other week!!!!).  I think I needed this day more than the kids.  SP is feeling better (I think the puking last night was more from eating on such an empty stomach than virus), J has been very successful in his lessons this week, T is home and I am tired :-)

7:30am my alarm goes off...I hit snooze.

7:40am...I hit snooze, although I do ponder getting up this time.

7:50am...I hit snooze for 20 minutes this time (my alarm has a timer you can change, LOVE that)

8:10am I decide to sneak out of bed, but SP hears me, so I fully admit here to trying to lay back down and playing "possum" in hopes he will lay back back down.  No chance.

8:15am we moved to the living room to watch some morning Jack's Big Music Show and cuddle on the couch.  SP is still in cuddle mode and I LOVE it. 

8:40am Cuddle time is apparently over :-(  And the touching of everything begins...remotes, phones, computer, you name it.  In the process, he decides he wants to watch Toy Story (surprised?).  However, apparently during his morning "I'm going to touch everything even though I know you hate it" routine, he pulled a plug loose that causes sound to come from the dvd player.  I can't figure out which one isn't working so we give up. 

9:10am - J comes in the save the day, asks for a Toy Story dvd and invites SP to his room to watch it :-)  Have I told you how much I love my boys?  But my big boy has become such a great help to me (yes, he still has his teenage in every. morning. he. must. wake. up.)  But during the day, he is always offering, not being asked much anymore, but offering to help me entertain SP.  Makes me so proud of who he is becoming.

9:15am - I get his breafkast together (powdered donuts, a treat for he and T, they love these little buggers) and get SP a snack and get on the computer.  It's time to get the weekly budget out, pay a few bills and find out just what I can spend on groceries this afternoon.  I also register J for the Angelina County 4H Youth Fair in photography :-)  ( me again of the Canon Rebel I want for my birthday because I want to take good pics like Mindy...and the 50mm lens...yes, I'm coveting!)

But I digress...

9:45am - SP pulls on the cord by the tv that is somehow connected to the dvd player and the sound goes off.  I have no idea how to fix it, I unplug and replug to no avail.  So...J offers to come get Toy Story 2 and SP to watch together in his room.  I quickly agree to this so I can sit down and pay bills and find out just how little we have left for groceries and extras for the next two weeks.  

11:00am - I'm done, and depressed (amazing how fast it all goes away!) so I work on laundry and sweeping the floor while J and SP continue watching the movie.  T calls to ask if I want to go out to do the shopping or have him do it on the way home.  Well, let's see...he's been gone for 5 days and I've been home cleaning puke for 5 days...which option do you think I chose?

12:45pm - T comes home early from work we give SP something small for lunch.  He has kept everything down so far but we don't want to test it.  I do recall feeding J sometime in here...but since I'm now typing this on Saturday, I have already forgotten :-)  

1:30pm - SP is put down for his nap, T and I actually sit on the couch and watch a movie together! The was ok.  

4:00pm - I am FREE!  T asks "So I probably shouldn't expect you home until midnight?" YES. I call and chat with my mom as I head to wash and clean out my poor, neglected van.  Then drop off the plastics at the recycle center.  I also take a bag of donations to the Goodwill truck.  Then just because I can, I browse through Old Navy (thought about Ross but that is way too tempting to spend money..which if you recall from above...we are low on this week) and I do find SP some new socks with sticky things on the bottom (not sure of the technical term for this).  And while I found a fantastic Boba Fett shirt for J, I'm hoping it will still be there in a few weeks. 

7:00pm - I finally make it to the grocery store where I slowly shop.  I stuck to my list (believe it or not!) but still took my time :-)

8:25pm - On the way out of the parking lot, I go through the Starbucks drive thru.  Thanks to several Christmas gifts I have approximately $55 in gift cards there :-)  This will last me all year!  I order a grande no fat no whip white chocolate mocha so I can heat it up in the morning before church.  Yea, then I get home and realize it's still Friday, ha!  T being home during the week has thrown me off, I keep thinking it's Saturday.  

8:45pm - SP "helps" me go through the grocery bags, one of his favorite things to do.  (And apparently while I was gone...once SP woke up, T took him outside to swing while J...played video games and Facetimed with his cousin)

9:30pm - SP heads to bed, J relaxes in his room, I begin some yoga while T and I started watching Sherlock on Netflix.  I have found a new Netflix series addiction.  If the first episode is any indicator (and the opinions of my mom, Mindy, HB, etc...) we will love this show!

And there you have it...10 days in the Life of a Homeschooler.  Each one different, each one provides it's own "off schedule" opportunities.  Thankfully 90% of our weeks do NOT include puking, but you were the lucky readers this time, huh?  

You have seen us skip Science several times (it does get made up, I assure you), you have seen us "socialize" (funny this always ends up being the biggest argument from those who do not understand homeschooling, and in reality it ends up being the one thing we all get more than we want sometimes.  And it's the one thing we can easily add more of or decrease activity in).  You have watched me do a lot of laundry, sit and just enjoy the quiet and get frustrated with my boys.  You have seen my kids in their pj's...A LOT ;-)  

But mainly you have seen that homeschooling is fun, it should be relaxing but challenging and it is flexible.  Especially when you have a toddler and a child with disabilities...flexibility is key.  Flexibility is hard for a lot of us, I am just now getting it and not completely.  

You have hopefully also seen between my posts and the posts of the other moms from GFG's blog that we are all completely different in our approaches.  We have to be, because we are all different, as are our children, even if we use the same curriculum.  That is the one lesson that was hard for me to learn because I wanted to compare myself with other homeschooling moms at first.  There are some incredible moms out there and they are WAY more organized and on top of things than I am.  They also seem to have more fun with their kids while learning than I do.  They seem to have cleaner homes (whatever)...BUT I am learning that I am who I am and God has made me mom of J and SP for His reasons.  I will keep working with what He provides :-)  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will be posting T's hunt pics in a day or two, he is sitting here beside me reminding me to do so.  He's just a bit proud of
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