Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Day in the Life...Day 3...

Well, blessedly I was able to spend about 40 minutes by myself this morning with another wonderful cup of coffee (I've thanked my mom at least 5 times so far for the Keurig, but it bears repeating...THANK YOU MOM!!) and my bible study. I'm a bit sad because I only have one day left in the book :-( Then the craziness began...and it continued to be "one of those days" for the first few hours. 

I meant to get J up at 8:30am to start earlier because we had friends coming over around 11:30am for lunch and to hang out. Well, because I was still enjoying my morning quiet, I let him go till 9:00am. 

After getting SP up and getting J up and dressed, I began breakfast. So far, so good. onto SP for touching something he's not supposed to (again). 

No, covering your eyes doesn't keep me from seeing you...although it is stinkin' cute

9:16am...started J on his math 
9:17am...started mixing the dough for J's "Landonuts" from his Star Wars cookbook he asked for this morning. 
9:20am...told SP for the 10th time that breakfast was cooking and no he could not have any "chews" 9:21am...compromised with SP (ever done that with a toddler?) and let him have some dry cereal to munch on 
9:23am...looked at math with J because he was struggling. 
9:25am...went back to donut mixing and started heating up the shortening to fry in because I realized I was out of oil. I'm NOT a fryer by nature. 
9:27am...lowered the heat on the shortening because J was struggling again...with something I had already told him twice...again... 
9:30am...finished molding donuts 
9:31am...put on Cars for SP so he would be occupied till breakfast was ready 
9:33am...went back to help J again 
9:40am...J stopped math for a few minutes to get onto SP for me for getting into same basket he knows not to mess with because my hands were covered in sticky dough. 
9:44am...called Dr. back because when they called at 9:42 my hands were sticky and I couldn't get to the phone in time. Results from J's xrays were good :-) 
9:49am...back to helping with math (ok, so J by this time is on the verge of a mini math melt-down and I'm on the verge of a not-so-mini one). 
10:00am...finally started the donuts. Burnt the first 3. 
10:15am...donuts done frying, let them cool 
10:30...J finally almost done with math and another small mini-lecture from mom about focusing. 
10:45am...breakast is served and might I add that these chocolate donuts were a hit. They were like powdered covered brownies! 
11:02am...opened all of the windows in the house a bit to start airing out the smoke I created by frying (you did read that I am NOT a fryer by nature, correct?)

11:05-11:30...I dust-busted the cereal that SP has stomped on the floor, turned on my flat iron in hopes of getting my hair straigtened before our friends arrived and sent J to listen to his history CD. 

11:25am first friend and her little one arrived :-) After welcoming them in, I apologized for my hair and headed to fix it. SP began playing his heart out with his buddy E. 
11:45am second friend arrived with the rice for lunch and her two older boys for J. We began getting lunch ready for the all of the kids (3 older, 2 "littles" - that's what my sweet friend Ashley calls E and I just love it!) 

12:15pm or so we 3 moms finally sit down to enjoy a really good Creamy Chicken Chili I found on Pinterest with Robin's rice. YUMMY! By now my mood has definitely improved because my girls are here to hang and the kids are ocupied :-) 

1:45pm...SP goes down for a nap. 
2:00pm...Ashley and E had to leave so E could take a nap. 
2:05-5:15pm...Robin and her boys decide to stay longer since their evening church event is cancelled due to yucky weather. The 3 older boys thought they were being so sneaky by staying fairly quiet in "hopes" that Robin would forget they planned on leaving at 2:15pm ;-) We let them think it was all them :-) 

 6:00pm...J and I head to church, SP stayed home to help T pack for a trip. In the car, J finished listening to his history for the day :-) 

 8:00pm...we leave church and I tell J I'm so glad he talked me into going, it was just what this cranky old mom needed this week. To forget about herself and how tired her days can be and focus on God and others. 

8:15pm...J and I make a short Target run (in which I forgot one of the main things I went for but what's new?) and then we head to Marble Slab for a treat :-) 

All in all a wonderful day and I am thankful T wanted to let SP stay with him so J and I could have some time together away from home. We need it sometimes. Funny, but I've become the one he confides in about some things (even girls) and we also just enjoy each other. Ok, well he doesn't "allow" me into the youth room but other than that, he thinks I'm pretty cool. Cooler than T so that counts, right? 

That was Day 3. As you can see, not a lot of school was accomplished but a lot of socialization and heart helping did.  (yes, homeschoolers actually get a lot of socializing, many of us back out of things occasionally because we get tired of not having alone time!)  

 I'm about to head in his room to read another chapter of Bronze Bow and then head to bed myself. I will count my blessings tonight...the wonderful friends I have, the incredible family I have and God's provisions just when we need them.
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