Friday, December 7, 2012

Kit Kat Cookies

I needed a quick, easy cookie yesterday for a 4H meeting and didn't have time to run by the store.  I typically have the basic cookie ingredients around the house, but since we were donating a dozen to a local home for single moms and their children, I wanted to make something a little more "fun" than just chocolate chip (even though that's the one cookie my boys BEG for).
I knew I had a couple of cake mixes on hand and also knew that cookies can be made with said cake mixes. So...I found my old "Holiday Cake Cookie" recipe card, grabbed some leftover Halloween candy and got to cookin'.

Kit Kat Cookies

1 box yellow cake mix (yes, I use cheap mixes, all cake is good to me!)
1/3 cup oil
2 Tbs water
1 egg

Mix the above together then add:
10 mini kit-kats, crushed (I used my chopper to break them up into small pieces)
1/8 cup toffee bits (I had some leftover and threw them in for good measure, never a bad idea)

Stir and place on baking pan with small scooper or spoonfuls.

I found that you need to press them down a bit to flatten or else they will stay as round balls. Bake for 12-15 min at 350.   Using the small Pampered Chef scoop provided approx. 3 doz cookies.  And since the cake mix and candy gives them a pretty rich flavor you really don't want large cookies.

The fun thing about these cookies is the endless variety of flavors available to you...Peppermint flavored with candy cane pieces, choc cake mix with peanut butter chips, add toffee bits to any of them, any candy bar cruhsed and mixed in.   Enjoy!

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