Sunday, November 18, 2012

November's Clean-Up Habit (#2)

Hello Purple Frog friends! (all 15 of you who read this blog? lol!).

So, and be honest with me because there is NO judging here, how is your October habit of Making your Bed daily going? Are you at least making it 5 out of 7 days? I hope so, I promise, it will become second nature faster than you realize, just keep it up.  If you are doing it...are you beginning to enjoy the feel of getting into a made bed every night?  Just seems more welcoming, doesn't it?

Seems with all of the toys in my front room and the fact that my little one's room isn't done (so I can put up all of his stuff)...I have chosen a habit for November than can be done regardless of your floor clutter. Dusting.
What? You don't like to dust? Seriously? Yea, me neither. However, I'm not asking you to dust your whole house daily or even weekly or monthly. I'm also not asking you to dust an entire room daily or weekly.

Here is what I'm asking...grab your choice of weaponry, I mean...dusting tools, and dust two things a day. That's it. And seeing as how my camera has disappeared for the 3rd time this month (ok, so I lose things...frequently...), I have no home pics to share, but I started with the ceiling fan and the two bedside lamps in my bedroom. That's it. The next day I dusted my son's tv and video game consols. See? Easy!!
I don't have any magic tools.  I use a swiffer brush on lamps, pictures, etc...  On ceiling fans and furniture I  use a rag with Method's wood cleaner (I LOVE the smell of this stuff).  I haven't tried the whole pillowcase thing seen on pinterest, but might sometime.  I just don't really have an extra pillowcase and can't bring myself to use one we actually sleep on.  Please share any dusting tools or tips you have!!

The way I see it...2 things a day, 6 days a week (even 7 if you skip 10 minutes of your Sunday nap), you will pretty much have a decently dusted home every month!  (Unless you have rough cedar for your ceilings, then it's never completely dusted, but I digress...)

So, keep making those beds daily (or at least 5 days a week) and let's start that dusting habit!!
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