Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weight Battle Update #3

Well, I realized last night that I haven't given an update on my inch loss progress and I was actually a bit nervous to measure.

See, over the last couple of weeks, I have just felt puffy and my eyes definitely show it.  I have been told it could be anything from low iodine in my system to pre-menopause (which I have been feeling for a couple of years) to thyroid issues.  I plan on getting some bloodwork done this Friday morning so we will see.

Anyhoo...I was pleasantly surprised with the inch loss over the last 2 weeks, very surprised actually. I kept thinking my waist was shrinking a bit but then I would tell myself that was just wishful thinking ;-) I have lost another 3 inches, and this time no gains anywhere! I lost from my lower thighs, my waist, my lower belly and my hips! Amazing.  I still haven't changed my diet, I still drink one Dr. Pepper a day because it's just sooooooooo good! (no diet drinks for me!)

But here is what I physically have noticed this time (last time it was THIS).  My posture around my shoulders has improved some.  My shoulders do not appear as slumped as they have over the last many years.  Granted, it's not huge yet, but I can see a difference and it makes me want to stand just a bit taller :-)  Course the hubby says it makes my chest stick out a bit more, which he likes...blah!  I'm one of those weirdos who wants a SMALLER chest!

What I did over the last 2 weeks:  9 days of T-Tapp (4 of Instructional #2 and 5 of The Total Workout).  The Total Workout is the Basic combined with 35 more minutes of legs, arms and balance work.  The 5 of the Total Workout was one of their "boot camps" suggested in the brochure.  You get your body really ingrained in the T-Tapp technique by doing the TWO or the Basic Workout Plus 4-14 days in a row, I stopped at 5.  I then took a couple of days off after this boot camp and hopped back up on my treadmill yesterday for a 4 mile training walk.  I'm a bit behind on training for the 3Day this year...I'm not placing blame but it MIGHT be due to having 2 kids at home, one an active 17 month old, and homeschooling, just sayin' ;-)

My plan for these next two weeks is to walk 3-4 times a week (hopefully once or twice on actual roads, not just the treadmill) and T-Tapp 2-3 times a week, at least one of these being the Total Workout.  I am convinced T-Tapp does what it says. 

Here's a quick video for you this week!  These are called Hoe Downs and when you tuck your rear and pull your shoulders back, your heart rate will be going by the end of these 3 little minutes.

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  1. Congratulations, Heather!! And yes, those hoe downs get that heart rate going! I'd like a smaller chest, too...