Sunday, September 30, 2012

Making your bed, daily, with "Sham" shams.

I have decided to begin a few challenges here on Purple Frog...hopefully challenges I will master as well as you :-) These will be household challenges for the most part and sometimes we will go one month, sometimes two.

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time cleaning my house and an even harder time keeping it clean (could be the three boys I live with?). Oh yea...I also do not enjoy cleaning. at. all.

However, one thing I am learning about myself (which has actually come as a big surprise to me) is that I love having a picked up home, I didn't say dusted or mopped, but picked up.

Many of you have probably heard of flylady before and while that is a fantastic site to get you on your way to a clean home, I can't ever stick with it for longer than a month. Too many habits to start at once for my time schedule and my lack of will-power.  (However, I encourage you to visit there because it is a great motivator if you can stick with it!)

So...I want to challenge you, as well as myself, to start just one "clean-up" habit at a time.  And after 12 months, just think...we will have anywhere from 8-12 habits that are daily/weekly and take little time because they will be routine by then.  That's what I am finding keeps a house decent.  (Again, I did NOT say immaculate b/c that is just not who I am...just decently clean/picked up).

October's Habit?  Make your bed, daily.  I can hear the groaning already.  But let me assure you, it's easy.  How do I know?  Because this is the one habit from flylady that I started a few years ago and have never stopped.  I now LOVE, truly LOVE getting into a bed each night that isn't still wrinkled from the morning.  I like seeing the quilt spread out with a couple of pillows on it.  I never thought those sentences would ever come out of my mouth (and my mother has probably just fainted from reading this).
Disclaimer...I am not a professional photographer and these were all taken with my phone so ignore the blur and color craziness on them :-)

 Now, I didn't say your kids beds, your dog's bed, all the beds in your...JUST your bed.  Because this first habit is for you, to make your room feel more cozy at night.

If you need inspiration, here is a quick and CHEAP way to make your bed more attractive to you (yea, sometimes we need that little encouragement, don't we?)  I love pretty pillows, but I don't usually want to spend the money on fancy ones and I can't always afford them anyway.  Plus when you have handmade quilts, it's sometimes hard to get any to match.

What you will need:
*2 pillows, standard (surely we all have 2 extras in the house, I know we did! Usually the ones we purchased but then hated sleeping on)
*Go to Wal-Mart, Target, etc...and purchase a set of cheap king-size pillowcases in a color to match your currently quilt/blanket.  (We use quilts in our home, just like the feel plus my mom is one awesome quilter).  Wal-Mart has a great section of their kind of brand sheets/pillowcases in a rainbow of colors, Main Stay I think? Cheap-o!!
*Buy a package of velcro squares, you'll need about 8 "pairs".
*Buy or rummage through your home for 16-20 buttons.
*Get either some fabric glue or if you are handy enough to sew on a simple button, find some thread to match the pillowcase and a needle.  Embroidery floss (cross-stitch thread) is fun b/c it's thicker and add just a bit of decorative flair
*Masking tape, just a few small pieces or something similar

What you will do:
Now, put your standard pillow inside the king sized pillowcase and get it as much in the center as you can.  About 1 1/2-2 inches from where the pillow is towards the sewn side of the pillowcase, place a small piece of masking tape, just something to mark where your line of buttons will begin.  Do the same about 1 1/2-2 inches from the where the pillow is towards the open side of the pillowcase.

Take your pillow out and lay the pillowcase flat on a table or even on your bed, wherever you want to work.   Take a ruler and mark each button spot in line with the first one (I measured from the edge of the pillowcase to help).  Or you can just sew on buttons in random order all along the edges, that would be a fun look too!

Begin sewing the closed edge buttons first, these are easy because you are actually sewing the pillowcase shut with these buttons to keep the pillow inside from moving around and to give you a floppy edge to your "sham" of a sham ;-)  No one will see the back except you so no need to sew from the inside and make things hard on yourself!  Or just use fabric glue to attach the buttons and also use some to close the pillowcase along the line of buttons.
This picture, while blurry, shows you how far my buttons are from the edge of the pillowcase.  This is the closed edge.

Next, mark your button spots on the opened edge of the pillowcase.  This time, however, you will be sewing the buttons ONLY to the top of the pillowcase, so your pillow can slide in and out when needed.

This shows the inside with the sticky velcro squares on the opened edge of the pillowcase, so pillow can slide in but stays secure with velcro in place.
Once all buttons are on, take your velcro squares and stick them under each button on the opened edges of the pillowcase.  If you feel the needs, add a few stitches to each piece or fabric glue.  Mine have stayed just fine without that extra step, though.  It's not like you are messing with them daily.

Now, put your standard pillow inside, seal up the velcro and wah-lah!  A "sham" sham :-)  Add a few cheap throw pillows (if you get lucky like me, most of your blankets will have a little of one color in for me...and you can use the same throw pillow(s) with every quilt and sham set!). 

Ok, get to makin' that bed!!

Do it in the morning, after you get up, I promise it takes LESS than 2 minutes if that.  Pull up the sheets, only tuck if the sheets are waaayyy long (I only tuck the bottom), pull up the quilt/blanket, place your sleeping pillows on top and fold the quilt/blanket over them.  Add your "sham" shams on top and a throw pillow and you're done.  Do this EVERY morning, even on Saturdays when you don't get out of bed till noon.  (Ok, that was me BEFORE kids, sadly, not anymore). 

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  1. It is such a habit now. I never made our bed until after the move. I bought a nice bedspread and shams and lampshades for the first time since we married. Seriously.

    That did the trick for me= liking my bed decor.

    Now, I have to do it every day or it bugs me.


    Are you gonna say the kitchen sink is next?

  2. OMG LOVE LOVE!!! Gotta get to the store now!!! BTW...Pinned ya!