Friday, September 7, 2012

Gluten-Free Mini Cheesecakes

One of my close friends and her family have to eat gluten free. It's not just a healthy choice for them, it's a necessity. And, having a child with a physical disability, I totally get when as a mom, you just get tired of having to do things "different" sometimes. And you get really tired when others seem oblivious to the details you battle. (Like blocking a handicap ramp in a parking lot, don't EVEN get me started!).

Anyway, I have been guilty of not helping her as well as others, not that she would ever expect or ask for help. She simply brings separate food and snacks to all church, 4H, co-op, so her family can eat with everyone.

However, to her youngest son, this can be not so fun. All the kids around him are enjoying oreos and he gets special peanut butter cookies that are yummy but he knows they aren't what everyone else is eating. So as it was my turn to take snacks to our 4H meeting, I thought I would attempt a gluten free but fun sweet snack most kids would enjoy.

Enter the mini cheesecake. I mean's cheesecake, it's finger-food size and, did I say it's cheesecake?  And it's already pretty much gluten free, just gotta change the crust options.
So here you go, gluten-free mini cheesecakes :-)

2 packages cream cheese, softened to room temp
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
12-15 gluten free shortbread cookies (mine were a bit large for the muffin tin so I had to trim them up just a tad, you can take the crumbs for a topping)
cupcake holders

Mix the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until creamy. Add eggs and mix until blended.  Place a cookie in the bottom of each muffin cup and top with a scoop of cream cheese mixture.  I sprinkled some of the cookie mixture on top for decoration.

Bake for 20 -22 minutes, until set, then refrigerate for 2-3 hours.  Top with fruit or fruit topping (if it's safe).  
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  1. I have typed up comments and gotten them nearly finished but not quite finished and then the computer shuts down. Or I think I will do it later and so keep it open in a tab but I keep too many tabs open (the other day I had over 80 in one window and then two other windows open.)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that these were wonderful. We all loved them. And we really do appreciate you going out of your way to make something that was safe for us to eat when I know it would be so much easier to buy something already cooked at the grocery store.

    Thank you so very much!