Monday, August 13, 2012

Weight Loss Blahs...and my challenge

Can I see a show of hands? How many of you have battled the bulge before? How many have battled it most of your life? How many of you just truly enjoy food and find it hard to resist? How many of you just have maybe target areas you want to tone?

Well, even if you only raised your hand once, you will understand my post. I have always considered myself overweight...even when I wasn't (typical female, correct?). I have tried so many diets and programs and exercises, I get worn out just thinking about them.

A few months ago, while typing in my calories for lunch, I realized how consumed I had become yet again with my weight. To the point of being edgy beyond reason with my family and spending 1/2 of my day if not more counting calories, typing them in, and exercising to work a few off.

It. was. insane. I was using an app that helped me keep up with these things, but that put me on my phone way too much. I had to let it go. I had to LET go period. I was becoming so focused it was harming me, my family and my thoughts.

I had an encounter with God a couple of weeks ago finally. I have been praying each morning for awhile now that God would give me HIS joy each day, HIS patience and HIS peace because I have learned having my sweet boys at home all day, I can't do these things on my own. at all. Well, it dawned on me a couple of weeks ago that along with those requests, I could ask God for HIS self-control.

See, I've learned through this amazing book, Grace for the Good Girl, that those fruits mentioned in 1 Corinthians are not things I am to strive for by myself. They aren't there to mock me because I fall short of reaching them constantly.  They are the fruits of the SPIRIT, God's spirit, they are HIS fruits, not mine to constantly try to attain. 

And what a freedom I felt.  The burden of watching every morsel, counting every calorie, every drop of water, etc... was lifted and I actually began eating less.  Not because I was forcing myself, but because I wasn't thinking about food all day long any more.  I was also reminded that while I'm not a size 6, I am much healthier than I used to be.  I can jog a 5K now without wanting to pass out, that's huge.  But I am still a size 10/12, more leaning towards the 12.  (There, I said it, I've come out of the weight closet) 

Is it easy all the time?  Nope, in fact at a scrap weekend I just returned from attending, I had quite a bit of snack food...but I don't feel guilty any longer.  Have I lost any weight yet?  No, but I have another reason for that's called T-Tapp.
Have you heard of this program?  It's interesting.  It's a "Wellness" exercise program based on the research and work of Teresa Tapp.  It's not about scales! (in fact, many T-Tappers might lose several dress sizes but only 10lbs), it's about inches, toning muscles and improving your joints, inner health and outer being.  It's very low impact but the Basic 15 minute work-out leaves you sweating if you hold your "tuck" and tighten muscles like she teaches.  Her primary back stretch can take knots out and help you sleep better when done daily (I do have proof of that already in 1 week).  Her hoe downs have been proven in a few people to help them with their battle with diabetes.

I have tried this program on and off several times, but as with most any other thing I start, I stopped around 2 weeks.  Not sure why that's my cut-off but there you have it.  This time, it's different.  I feel challenged but I also feel like it's the right thing for me right now.  While I'm also in and out of training for the 3Day Breast Cancer walk, it's so stinkin' hot outside I don't even want to be on my treadmill (which is on the back porch). Plus now that our new year of homeschooling has begun and we have a 16 month old running (seriously, running) around, I just don't have time for long workouts.  And this time...I"m not in a hurry.  I'm just letting God work.

And so I will be posting every few weeks, how my T-Tapping progress is going and what results I am feeling and seeing.  I will be taking before and after shots but I will NOT show them for quite awhile (sorry...since I'm still female and I'm still in the BEFORE area, you will have to wait).  I love the way I feel doing this exercise and I love the God is my Self-Controller.  I'm praying it's a winning team ;-)

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  1. You Go Girl!!

    I have managed to do the whole 15 minute work out once (it was P.E. and while the kids were glad to not be outside at 1pm, they didn't enjoy it.) I was planning on doing it again today but . . . today was not a good day. Today was a there-is-not-enough-chocolate-in-the-world-because-I-tried-to-eat-it-all day plus a continuation of headache week.

    Tomorrow it will be part of P.E. again. And I would like to do the boot camp of at least 4 days in a row.