Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Honey Oat Bread (Bread Machine)

Oh my...we are on our 3rd bread machine recipe...anyone gaining weight accept me? 

This bread is lovely and without a doubt is one of my family's favorites. It's a bit healthy with the oats (ignore the oil and 2 cups of flour), a touch sweet with the honey and sooooo good with a touch of butter while warm right out of the machine. If you are like me, I can't wait for a homemade loaf of bread to cool before cutting because 
(1) it's usually not ready until right before dinner is about to be placed on the table (or tv trays, whatever...don't judge!) or 
(2)...WHO in their right mind can resist that warm breadly smell of goodness wafting through the house long enough?

I was making dinner for both my family and a friend last week who just had surgery so I split the loaf (saving me some additional tummy bulge).  Sharing a loaf when cooking dinner for a friend is perfect.  The bread won't get moldy (like it has the chance around my house!) and besides potatoes, what food is better for comfort than home baked bread?  And most of us who have had meals delivered after surgeries, babies, etc...usually end up with waaaayyy to much, right?  This cuts down on leftovers for your friend too :-)

Ok, enough jabbering!  Here ya go.
Honey Oat Bread
~makes a "large" loaf, 2lb on my machine~

Add the following ingredients in the order they are listed:
  1 c water
1 Tbs canola oil
1/4 c + 1Tbs honey
1 tsp salt (I use fine sea salt)
1 c oats
2 c bread flour
2 1/2 tsp rapid rise (or bread machine) yeast

~I use the basic, 2lb, medium crust settings on my bread machine~

I have made this with 1 c bread flour and 1 c whole wheat flour as well but had to let it stop after the "rise" cycle was finished to rise for another hour

And a note about bread flour...I started using it devotedly a couple of years ago and I really think it makes a difference.  I buy Gold's Better for Bread when I can find it.  And I can't encourage you enough to go ahead and splurge on the jar of yeast instead of the packets.  Keep it stored in the door of your fridge and use as needed :-)
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