Thursday, June 21, 2012

Poetry Works Everywhere

I have heard it said that homeschooling moms can find a teachable moment anywhere.  
Well, going on our third year, I think I am finally catching on...not that my son is always thrilled with this. 
I found these fun "post it" poems through our local Scholastic book orders.  
In an effort to expose my family to more poetry (not to memorize just to read and enjoy), I thought they would be great on a bathroom mirror.  However, I realized my son, who is usually in a wheelchair, might have trouble reading them way up there.  

And then I thought of just the right spot to them...
Yep, the one place everyone in the house has to well...sit...sometime, right?
(except the 1 year old, but he'll be there one day)
Works for us! 
You could do this and print up the poems yourself too, just use some double sided tape! 
Or maybe math facts, grammar helps? 
Who in the family couldn't use a refresher on those occasionally?  ;-)

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