Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last Minute Luggage tags!

I've been in a luggage tag bind more than once in the last year.  I know...crazy, right?  Last year at the 3Day, my teammate and I realized we didn't have tags on our luggage that had to go on the trucks ahead of us so off to Target we went.  Where the CHEAPEST tags we found were $4.00!  yes, $4.00!  Now granted, we could have found them cheaper elsewhere but it was late, we were tired and we were desperate.  

Flash forward to this week.  Packing my son for camp, I realized that one of his bags (actually my hubby's usual luggage bag) didn't have a tag.  And as any camp parent knows...if you want it back, tag and label it!  Even undies. 

So while standing by our desk, digging for anything remotely tag-esque, I saw a few of these collecting dust...we all have them.
   Perk cards from random stores, which also give us keychain sized cards (I have a tip for you on those too...in a later post!).  Who needs both? They just create clutter and weight to my purse.

And the lightbulb flickered on.  Here's what you do! (And please bear with the quality of the photos...cell phone pics!)

Cut the card in in 1/2...

Then cut a piece of paper to fit the front and back and tape the paper (I used double stick) to each side

Write contact info in Sharpie that will show up and use clear packing tape to wrap around tag so both sides are covered. Punch a hole (my regular desk 3 hole punch worked just fine) in the corner for attachment then hang on your bag!  (We used zip ties since hubby had them handy)

If it breaks or gets lost...no money gone...because it was free!  And you can use all kinds of fun papers to personalize your tag.  Think of the gift ideas!  For family and friends going on long trips, for kids backpacks, (which is what the following picture shows...this was my 2nd tag to make before I had fully "developed" it so it's not fancy but it will work for camp!)
Last name blurred out to protect the innocent son ;-)
I will admit, my first tag was just sharpie on the card itself...which then progressed to the plain white tag above, which then progressed to the much more fun and final product described in this post :-)  For larger bags, don't bother cutting the card in 1/2, go for the whole card!
What else can you think of to do with old perk cards?  Share your ideas!
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