Sunday, June 17, 2012

July Table Centerpiece

While cleaning out my mom's house as they pack to move for the first time in 38 years...we have found some great items.  For instance, the beautiful glass vase pictured below, which was filled with pennies when we found it.  This belonged to my Aunt Jo, my mom's only sibling.  She passed away when I was in college after battling several cancers, she was in her early 50's.  She meant the world to me and I love anything that was hers.
I also just loved the look of the vase, the details, very vintage in appearance :-)  I am not a floral person, the smells give me headaches and the silk flowers collect dust.  I think they are pretty and I love growing them outside, I just don't like using them indoors.   I've been holding onto the vase for a month now trying to figure out a way to display it.  So after staring into my junk/old craft closet for a few minutes, I figured out something to do for July/Fourth of July!
 All you need is a vase or a fun bowl, some styrofoam balls (or even crumpled up paper), small pieces of fabric in the colors of your room or holiday choice, small stick pins (the kind you use for putting sequins onto styrofoam balls), scissors and some twine and/or bag filler.  As you will see in the end result, I opted to not use the bag filler in my vase but you might love it in yours!
 Wrap the fabric around the styrofoam balls and pin it down to cover well.  Doesn't matter if the pins and some folding shows, this is a rustic craft!
 Layer the twine (and/or bag filler) and the fabric covered styrofoam balls, top with extra twine (or in my case, the vase had a cork topper) and tie a fun bow to complete the look!
Wah-lah!  A quick, fun, fairly cheap (or free if you have had any of this stuff on hand for years...) decoration for summer :-)

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