Saturday, June 2, 2012

Genius? Me thinks yes!

My oldest is heading off tomorrow for his first week of overnight summer camp.  The whole family is excited, nervous, scared, thrilled, you name it...we are feeling it.  Definitely overwhelmed as I pack him up for the week.  It's a camp for kids with disabilities, my son has cerebral palsy.  So along with the regular nervousness of sending your child to summer camp, I also get a bit anxious wondering how he will do with bedtime, showering, etc... Yes, they are trained to work with these kids but still...I'm the mom!  He has actually attended this same camp for 7 summers (since he was 6 years old), but that was their Day camp program...three days of 9-5pm.  This is much different!  It's also the camp at which I worked for 6 summers back in my college days, so it holds a special place for me, always has.  And it does for my oldest now too after 7 summers of day camp.  I know he will love overnight camp.  He will be worn out, he will have a blast and he will get a good amount of physical activity and NO video games!  (Can I get an "oh yea!"??)  I can't wait to hear about it!!

So on with my "genius"-ness for this week.  Packing your son for camp (not sure this would work as easily for girls because they don't typically wear long socks).  And yes, I know a lot of boys don't wear long socks, but I think even crew socks would work.  Since my son has trouble with ziploc bags and I truly didn't want to send 10 bags filled with clothes inside his luggage that would just get thrown away, I came up with this...
place one set of shirt/shorts together (include undies if needed, I decided to keep those separate), rolled up and lay on top of a pair of socks
pull up the ends of the pair of socks around the shorts and shirt set
My son is thrilled because the outfits are already together but in a way he can manage.  Plus, this boy could care LESS what he wears on a daily basis so I will be appeased as the mom knowing he will semi-match most days.  Hopefully.  And of course I am happily daydreaming of how popular I will be with the counselors..."what a brilliant mother he has"  "did you see her AWESOME packing job?"...and the comments go on in my mind ;-)  Yes, I realize that's where they will stay, but they make me happy regardless.
roll open end of one sock and continue rolling it over the toe ends of both socks (as well as open end of other sock)... into a nice little "knot". 
 Now...the test will be if they stay together in his trunk once he has unpacked.  I will update this post with those edge-of-your-seat results after camp.
And this is what it begins to look like packed in his bag!

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  1. I'm so excited for you both (and a bit selfishly sad I can't be there) for the BIG camp week!

    Praying for you both.

    I bet you get an award at Award's Night for best packing mom! ;)

  2. I think you are a genius, yes! What a cool way to pack his clothes!!

  3. Wowee! You do deserve that award for "Best Packing Mom!" I can only imagine the ooohs and ahhhhs from the other kids and counselors about your handy dandy trick!

    I'm pinning this one! :-)