Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saving Coffee Creamer

**New thought...after taking your cube tray out of the freezer, run some hot water over the bottom for just a few seconds.  This will help you spoon the creamer cubes out more easily.  Also, freeze them in the bag quickly as they start to melt!
After several years of blogging for family and friends, and due to the fun new world of Pinterest (come on...who else is completely addicted like me?  It's ok, you can admit it, that's the first step!)...I have decided to separate out posts that focus on recipes, household tips and homeschooling ideas to keep my family posts a bit more private :-)

So here goes the first post on Mom's on the Computer...again (something I frequently hear from my oldest son and hubby).  I have come up with a way to save coffee creamer!

I love coffee and I love creamer even more...but I don't drink it everyday so a bottle of creamer can go way past it's due date in my refrigerator.  Have I said how much I love creamer?  I love buying it even more...trying new flavors, I just can't resist those pretty bottles. 
So...I had a brainstorm one afternoon (these are rare in my head!) and it's probably been done but I'm still claiming it ;-).  When you are down to half a bottle or sometime before the due date, pour your creamer into an ice tray.  Each "cube" will be approx. 2 Tbs of creamer.  

Place this in the freezer and leave overnight or longer.  

Then take a spoon and pop each cube out into a ziploc bag labelled with the creamer flavor.  Then immediately put the ziploc bag back into the freezer for use!
Now I will admit, these do not pop out clean and easy like ice cubes, but they do pop out in their cube form more or less.  And when you pull them out of the ziploc bag to use, again you will get a bit of creamer on your fingers, but that's easy to lick off...I mean rinse off!  These will also cool off your coffee for you a bit, which I love, but you can always heat them in the microwave for a few seconds before adding to your hot coffee!

I currently have Peppermint Mocha creamer cubes and Cream Brulee cubes in my freezer :-)  Soon to add Sweet Cream because I had to purchase the large bottle of that one (so not sad about that!). 

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  1. Absolutely a great idea!! I am sure my pinterest followers will agree.

  2. Thanks! Now if I can just have more... ;-)