Saturday, April 14, 2012

Plate hangers...

My hubby and I both like old, rustic and lodge-like things.  Hence the log home we currently live in.  And the 1913 home we bought after first marrying (had such amazing old wood floors!)

I  tend to veer towards metal and wood when decorating, especially metal since many of my walls are already wood (log home, remember?).  So when my mother-in-law gave me these great decorative plates, I needed a way to hang them that fit my taste, my budget (low) and my home.  
I found these great drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby, on 1/2 price of course.  They couldn't be more perfect and they don't look like all other curvy or long hanging plate hangers.   I even found some rusty screws out in the garage to finish the look ;-)   
 Have any interesting ideas for hanging things in your home?  Please share!!  
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  1. No ideas, but I'm adding your new blog to my reader. :) I like the decor here.