Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY weekend

So I had a burst of DIY-nergy this past weekend and made a couple of fun projects (and started a few I'll surprise you with later!).  

I've been wanting to put a bulletin board/magnetic board of some type in my oldest son's room for quite some time but as I'm fairly never gets done.  Until now!  I have seen so many fun fabric covered boards but he is just not a fabric-covered kind a kid.  His walls are a grungy gray (used to be blue with a texture on them and I put gray venetian plaster on them last year...the blue and texture show through a bit so it came out way cooler than we planned!) so I needed something to go with that grunge idea.  

While shopping around Saturday in the cookie sheet area of a store (thinking along the magnetic lines), I had another of my rare brainstorms!  (Maybe my morning Spark drink is finally kicking in?)
I brought the $4.99 cookie sheet home and began pounding, scratching and distressing away!  Using a hammer, a screw, the concrete on my porch, etc...

And wah-lah!  We have a small (11x17) grungy magnetic "Stuff" board for a 13 year old's room.  For the magnets, I had some plain black round strong magnets from previous crafting (can get these at your local hardware store).  Nothing fancy here.  
I think a larger sheet with maybe a thin black frame would look cool too, but we opted on just the simple today.  I might even go back later and put some black pain lightly over some of the scratches.  He loves it, which is the important thing.

My second project was a Pinterest inspired idea, originally found HERE.  I made one for the same reason she mentions...many times I forget to purchase the items my boys want because they never made it to my paper list.  (She has a GREAT craft blog by the way!)
Mine is an actual chalkboard so it can move with us if we are ever so obliged to do so.  After painting the frame and sanding it on the edges a bit, I used scrapbooking stickers for the words, which are removable if I get tired of the title and want a change.  Since it is hanging on the door between the kitchen and laundry room (which is where our pantry is) the eraser is attached with some old ribbon via a thumbtack on the back of the board.  Hopefully it will be harder to lose that way!

I LOVE it and hubby has even used it already!  Reason enough to have it hanging up.

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  1. How creative! I may just have to make one of these for Taylor's room...COOL!